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    All the active minor sports have evolved traditional methods and expressions which are used to gather and focus the player’s attention—”set the reflex” as the psychology men say—to such a keen edge that when the play starts, the muscular response is more than instantaneous; whereas one of our major sports, motoring, has been left to grow, like Topsy, without any such recognized device.

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    The poor motorist is allowed to climb into his car and fare hither and yon at a high rate of speed, serenely and unconsciously gambling with the highest stakes in the world, wool-gathering or amiably conversing, until he is smacked into eternity at some country crossing, or on a turn; or he does it to the other fellow. So far as the game as a whole is concerned, it doesn’t make much difference. One life is as cheap as the other. He buys insurance and forgets that insurance only begins to function after the accident has happened. He overlooks entirely what lies already with himself, if he will but make consistent use of it.

    Controlled speed on turns, railroad crossings taken in second, hand signals before abrupt turns, proper dimmers, four wheel brakes, etc., are all good in themselves, but, back of all the aids and rules for driving is the mainspring which works them: this little trick, or trigger of the mind consciously and intentionally “setting” itself, to meet smoothly, swiftly and effectively, the common needs of the road or emergencies as they come.

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    Although you yourself may exercise every care and precaution, you may be run into by a reckless driver or a road hog. That is the value of insurance.

    A word about these two types of drivers, who might be described as the human poison ivy of the road. Treat them as such. Avoid trying conclusions with them. It isn’t just a case of one close shave or a poor turn. There is a faulty streak in their natures, and it so happens that in their case automobile driving, like liquor in others, brings it out. So don’t worry about the injustice or the insolence of the thing. The laws of average are set irretrievably against them, poor souls, and it is only a question of time. Theirs may be the next wreck you pass. It is true that they are an offensive public menace, but there is no reason that you should elect yourself to be the unhappy instrument of fate. Give them room and let them go.

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